About Us

Pamela Swope Long Walk Candle Co.

At Long Walk Candle Co. (LW Candle) we enjoy capturing the journey.

Each day we are given moments that have the power if captured to transport us to a memory.

Whether it’s a favorite scent, like your neighbors freshly mown grass or the lilacs on your grandmother’s farm, or an activity like Sunday brunch, a beach bonfire with friends or a winter walk through the woods, the moment holds us and if revisited soothes and nourishes our souls. We travel fast in this world and LW wants to help you create moments where you pause and recapture the feeling that made you breathe a little easier. Mindfulness requires all of our senses and, smell is the most powerful; it has the strongest ties to memory.

The idea of LW was born exactly as the name implies. During long walks with Tim, my husband and best friend we would talk about everything; the years that we have spent together filling our days with moments that created this amazing life! Tim taught me the craft of candle making; a hobby that has become so much more. In teaching me, we created some of our favorite memories; sharing always has a magical effect.

The beauty of a long walk and the balance it can bring to our lives, along with the smells that travel with the steps we take make for an incredible journey. We all have our own and it’s a special recipe.

LW has a great time playing with scents, working to find the blend or stand-alone fragrance that captures the moments of our journey.

Nostalgia is powerful. It is what leads us to choosing an activity or planning an event; we want that memory. The joy of taking a special vacation, trying unique and amazing food, tasting a new drink, or making holidays a festive occasion creates those memories and that is what LW wants for everyone, a pause, a capture, a memory, a refreshing of our minds and bodies.

A capturing of your journey.